The SETC Professional Screening Auditions hosted by TTA will take place October 19th and 20th as part of the 2019 TTA Convention to be held at Lee University in Cleveland, TN.  These auditions are for STUDENTS and ADULTS who may be interested in securing an audition slot at the SETC Professional Auditions in March 2020. 

Current Audition Schedule

Directions for applying, and the screening form which will be used this fall by the adjudicators may be found at these links:

General Information on the SETC Professional Screening Auditions 

If you happen to be an educator, director, choreographer, etc., feel free to share this information with and use it for the preparedness of individuals with whom you work. This document is now available to help you better prepare your students for the auditions:

Best Practices for Professors

Information is available now on the SETC website regarding the SETC screenings.  These auditions are for students, adults and non-students who are looking to begin their careers in theatre, or looking to get back into it after a hiatus.  The theatres will be hiring actors, dancers, and singers -- musical AND non-musical – SETC is not just about the triple threats!